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Architectural Design


Staniel Cay, Bahamas. Cayu Maya

Eduardo Martinez Soberon was born in Mexico City in October 1961, he has a Mayor in Architecture he and his wife Marta Zubillaga, (With Zubillaga, a architectural and design firm formed with her brother Juan Zubillaga) Study in Universidad Anahuac de Mexico and graduate in 1985. Both have been designing upscale residences and other significant projects for over 30 years.  In 1992 the couple moved to Florida to take advantage of an opportunity to leave their mark on the landscape of South Florida. 

The couple is repeatedly sought after for their ability to create unique and original designs that are inspired by their years of traveling and studying Architecture worldwide. Their projects include private islands, multimillion dollar residences, upscale architectural interiors for clientele from around the world. 

They have been able to fill a need in the luxury architecture market and have built an exclusive practice designing homes and other extraordinary buildings in Mexico, the USA, and the Exuma, Bahamas, for a discriminating clientele.

The philosophy of the creative duo has always been to stay ahead of design trends. They are fearless when it comes to original ideas, never wanting to be locked into a particular design style. They are always on a quest for new concepts. When creating new ideas they keep aesthetics, proportions, and the specific location and natural environment surrounding the project in the forefront of their minds.

Clients are naturally attracted to Mr. Martinez Soberon and Ms. Zubillaga due to the easy manner in which they draw out the flavor, the needs, and the desires of their clients.

Greg Norman Corporate Office

David Copperfield, Musha Cay Private Island

prj10 musha.png

Private Island House, Bock Cay, Exuma Bahama.

prj15 bock cay.png

Architectural design in collaboration with Marta Zubillaga of Zubillaga Design Inc.  Producing architectural interiors, curated spaces, custom furnishings, millwork design, epoxy resin tables and wood slabs.

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