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A modern touch is a great complement to a transitional decoratoin !

The Volkano Classic dining table delivers the dramatic factor and blends perfectly with this transitional-modern decoration.

Each piece is created one a time, each piece is selected to clients specifications, the amount of resin to crate the perfect contrast and balance is taking in consideration to make a piece of art !

We make sure each piece is created to client’s specifications, to make sure blends perfectly with the decor and crating the focus of attention of the room.

The wood is treated and finished with the best quality materials in the market, ensuring the functionality and performance for many years. Each piece will become a classic and a collector’s item.

The Wood slab is prepared and treated to fusion the epoxy resin, once is cured the table top is planed and polish, the final finish is applied as per clients specifications and the process could take eight to twelve weeks to make sure the resin is cured and will last for years to come.

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