Slices Dining Table Base SS/BL

Slices Dining Table Base SS/BL

The Slices Dining Table is one of our signature pieces, part of the Black Forest Collection. Created with sustainable medallions of fallen trees hundred of years old. The combination of contemporary materials like glass and stainless steel makes a true piece of functional art. Different finishes of wood and metal combinations are available to manufacture it as per client specification. The base in polish stainless steel reflects the medallion creating a deeper effect of the design, the metal bars to connect the medallions supports the glass whit a floating effect. Low iron glass is recommend to be used with this dining table base.


    Black Forest


    Dimensions in Inches, all tables are 30 inch high.

    Small: 96 x 42 / Medium: 108x 42 / Large: 120 x 48 / & Custom size

    Matrials : 

    • Olive Wood slices or similar burls
    • Stainless Steel base mirror polish finish
    • Glas top not included

    Weight : 380 lbs.