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5.- Slices Dining Table Base SS/BL

5.- Slices Dining Table Base SS/BL

The Slices Dining Table is one of our signature pieces, part of the Black Forest Collection. Created with sustainable medallions of fallen trees hundred of years old. The combination of contemporary materials like glass and stainless steel makes a true piece of functional art. Different finishes of wood and metal combinations are available to manufacture it as per client specification. The base in polish stainless steel reflects the medallion creating a deeper effect of the design, the metal bars to connect the medallions supports the glass whit a floating effect. Low iron glass is recommend to be used with this dining table base.

Trade Price Available Upon Request
All the furnishings were produced by us and we use them for inspiration to create new pieces, each piece will be as close as possible to the requested and described furnish and as close as possible to specifications of clients requirements.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, FOB Fort Lauderdale FL, 33004


All of our furnishings are artistically handmade, incorporating Natural Materials including wood, epoxy resin, glass, and stone. Variations and imperfections occur in the process and are intrinsic to the design and beauty of the finished product. These variations are  typical and cannot be a reason for cancellation of any order/s.

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