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Volkano Grande Dining Table GR/NT

Volkano Grande Dining Table GR/NT

The Volkano Grande dining table was inspired in the growing trees incrusted over the stone side mountains or old buildings. The combination of the sustainable wood recovered from fallen tress in the jungle of South America with epoxy resin resembling the stone or lava creates a modern and elegant design that can be used in any décor. The high gloss finish also ads a touch of elegant and luxury look. The Volkano Grande dining table is manufactured with olive wood or giant burls where the grain, crevices and holes creates a dramatic effect that only mother nature can create.


    Volkano Grande



    Dimensions in Inches, all tables are 30 inch high.

    Small: 96 x 42 / Medium: 108x 42 / Large: 120 x 48 / & Custom size


    • Olive wood, Maple wood, Fresno Wood or similar
    • Cast epoxy resin white titanium
    • Finish Mate

    Weight: 320 lbs.